Develop Wisconsin seeks partners that add value to the mission of developing and growing minority and Black owned businesses in wisconson.   If your organization would like to discuss partnership possibilities, Please complete the form and we will contact you in near future.   Thank you!


Develop Wisconsin is the largest business development ecosystem serving Black and minority owned business in Wisconsin.

Develop Wisconsin is operational is six of Wisconsin's largest cities and we work with hundreds of Business Development Partners, Business Networks and Business Advisors to serve Wisconsin businesses.

Develop Wisconsin provides business technical assistance services throughout the entire business lifecycle. Our ecosystem is not simply focused on start-up businesses but also existing businesses seeking to grow.

Develop Wisconsin is connected to a national network of business experts via Develop America, the parent organization. Develop America has the capacity to connect businesses to more capital options; via equity investors, CDFIs, traditional banks, government assistance, mezzanine financing alternatives and other sources of capital.

Develop Wisconsin has the most experience team of business development professionals in Wisconsin with experience in working with entrepreneurs of color.

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Securing The Capital Needed to Grow Competitive Businesses

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